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Streamlined processes, uninterrupted operations &
improved accuracy

Expertise matters, especially when it comes to revenue cycle management. Our teams come straight from the revenue cycle industry, applying their expertise and understanding of the importance of efficient and effective revenue cycle operations.

95% Coding & CDI accuracy
3 years experience required
for each hire.

Expert RCM staffing support to protect your bottom line

At GHR Healthcare, we specialize in supporting Revenue Cycle Management, covering key areas essential for financial stability. From Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) to Coding and Billing, Case Management & Utilization Review (CMUR), and Health Information Management (HIM), our consultants excel at optimizing your operational systems. Our commitment is straightforward – empowering organizations through industry-best practices, ensuring seamless operations, and strengthening financial resilience.

The GHR Difference

The right hire in revenue
cycle management is everything

We can help you hire virtually any revcycle role in healthcare. From profee coders and physician advisors to CDI specialists and case managers— whatever you need to ensure revenue cycle integrity and efficiency, we’ve got your back.


  • Inpatient Coders, Outpatient Coders, ED Coders
  • Profee Coders
  • Coding Auditors
  • DRG Validators
  • Billers
  • Insurance Follow-Up Specialists
  • Interim Managers and Directors
  • Coding Edits and Denials

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

  • CDI Specialists
  • Physician Education
  • Program Managers
  • Auditors
  • Interim Managers and Directors
  • Physician Advisors

Case Management & Utilization Review (CMUR)

  • Case Managers
  • Physician Advisors
  • Social Workers
  • Discharge Planners
  • Utilization Review
  • Patient Care Coordinators
  • Interim Managers and Directors
  • Clinical Edits & Denials

Health Information Management

  • Health Information Managers
  • ROI Specialists
  • Medical Records Specialists
  • QA Specialists
  • Data Abstraction Specialists
  • Certified Tumor Registrars
  • Revenue Integrity Specialists

Facilities & Client Types

  • Acute Care Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Physician Groups

Meet our RCM team leadership

photo of Barry Matthews

Barry Matthews Vice President, RevCycle Workforce Solutions

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