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June 9, 2023

Many people associate traveling healthcare with travel nursing, and rightfully so, as it’s the longest-standing and most in-demand traveling healthcare opportunity available. What many people don’t realize, though, is the wealth of travel opportunities beyond nursing for both clinical and non-clinical professionals. If you’re a healthcare professional, keep reading to learn how working with a travel agency can help you find flexibility and adventure in your career!

The Benefits of Healthcare Travel Assignments

One of the most enticing aspects of healthcare travel is the flexibility it provides. As a healthcare traveler, you have the freedom to choose your assignments and locations, allowing you to experience different healthcare settings, locations, and cultures

Plus, you get to decide how much time you want between assignments to go home, take trips, or even just take a break to get things done around the house, rest, and so on. It’s up to you, and that’s the beauty of it. Your schedule is in your hands.

Whether you’re seeking a change of scenery, a chance to work in a specialized facility, or simply trying to find your footing in the healthcare industry— travel assignments can be the perfect solution. 

“I love to travel, and that’s why I chose to join GHR. It allows me to explore new places while enjoying my career in different settings. Meeting new people and gaining diverse experiences in various locations brings a smile to my face. It fuels my passion for taking care of others and reinforces my love for what I do.”


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Benefit Packages

Contrary to popular belief, benefits ARE offered to healthcare workers on travel assignments! These benefits can include competitive compensation, housing allowances, travel reimbursements, health insurance, retirement plans, and more.

The demand for travelers is high, so the healthcare travel industry is evolving to cater to the needs of professionals across most, if not all, disciplines, by offering attractive benefits packages. Whether you’re a physical therapist, medical technologist, or case manager— you can travel in your career without worrying about losing out on health insurance! Psst: we offer competitive travel benefits packages and a wide variety of assignments. Call 800-879-4471 today to learn more OR fill out our quick application to be matched with a specialized recruiter dedicated to finding you the right travel opportunity!

Career Support

When embarking on a healthcare travel assignment, having a dedicated recruiter by your side can make a world of difference. A quality healthcare staffing agency understands the importance of a smooth transition and provides experienced recruiters who are committed to supporting you throughout the entire process.

These specialists serve as your primary point of contact, addressing any concerns or questions you may have and ensuring that your journey into healthcare travel is as seamless as possible. They will guide you through the application process, help with credentialing requirements, aid in finding assignments, and provide ongoing support during your travels.

With a supportive recruiter on your side, you can feel confident and well taken care of throughout your healthcare travel experience.

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Credentialling & Licensing Assistance

Navigating the licensing and credentialing requirements across different states can be complex and time-consuming. Fortunately, healthcare travel agencies offer assistance to help you obtain and maintain the necessary licenses and certifications for your assignments.

They have in-depth knowledge of the licensing processes in various states and can guide you through the paperwork, ensuring that you meet all the requirements efficiently. This support saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on your professional responsibilities and make the most of your travel assignments!

Travel Assignment Contract Types

The most common contract lengths for travel healthcare assignments are 13 weeks (about 3 months) and 26 weeks (about 6 months), although shorter and longer contracts can also be found. These contracts outline the terms of your employment, including your assignment start and end dates, expected work hours, compensation details, and any added benefits provided. The contract will also specify the healthcare facility or location where you will be working and the duties and responsibilities of your role.

Q: What makes an assignment a travel assignment?

A: In most cases, any assignment further than 50 miles from your permanent address is a travel assignment!

This contract is the document that holds all the information you need, so it’s essential to carefully review and understand it before accepting an assignment. If this seems daunting, don’t worry. That’s where recruiters and staffing specialists come in. They’ll break down the contract with you to ensure that it aligns with your preferences and expectations, and make sure every detail you need to know before signing on is covered.

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With the freedom to choose assignments and locations, competitive benefits packages, and dedicated support from recruiters, healthcare travel offers professionals everything they need to open new doors and expand their horizons. At GHR Healthcare, we are committed to providing you with the resources and support to make your travel assignments rewarding and fulfilling.

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