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The Benefits of Travel and Contract Work for CT Technologists

February 22, 2024

The world of medical imaging is constantly evolving, and for CT technologists (CT techs), the opportunity for growth and adventure expands beyond the walls of a single hospital. Both travel and local CT tech contract jobs offer a unique blend of professional development, personal fulfillment, and financial rewards that can't be found in traditional positions.  


If you’re a CT tech wondering if contracting is for you, you’re in the right place! Let's explore the advantages and benefits of this unique work style. 


Broaden Your Horizons

By taking on different contracts in different cities and settings, you have the opportunity to experience diverse clinical settings, patient populations, and imaging procedures. Each new assignment exposes you to different approaches and technologies, expanding your knowledge base and making you a more well-rounded CT tech. This variation brings a unique layer of excitement and development to your career that you may be craving. It can also lead you to find the specialization that is perfectly right for you, like cardiac CT or neuroimaging. 


Additionally, since this work style exposes you to many different teams, it builds upon your perspective and interpersonal skills allowing you to pick up bits of wisdom along the way— something that benefits you and anyone you work with going forward. 


Fuel Your Wanderlust

You can travel the country while pursuing your career with CT tech travel jobs. Choose assignments in vibrant cities, charming towns, or scenic locations that you want to visit. You gain the flexibility to explore new areas, indulge in local cuisine, visit iconic locations, and create unforgettable memories in your off-hours.  


Contracting is attractive to CT techs at any life stage. But hey, it doesn't always mean jet-setting across the country. You can just hop in your car or catch the train to nearby neighborhoods where your skills are needed most, all while staying close to home. 


Boost Your Earning Potential

CT tech contract jobs often come with higher pay rates compared to traditional positions. This allows you to save money for future goals, pay off debt, or simply enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. Depending on the distance between your home base and contract location, some contracts even offer additional benefits like housing stipends and travel reimbursements. When you combine the increased hourly rate with the stipends, you’ll find that your earnings will be much higher than they would be in a traditional role. 


Embrace Career Flexibility

A major benefit of contract or travel work as a CT tech is the ability to take control of your work schedule. You can choose assignments that fit your desired duration, location, and workload. This flexibility is ideal for those seeking a work-life balance that allows for travel, pursuing hobbies, or spending time with loved ones. Overall, a major advantage to healthcare travel and contract roles is having the control to choose shifts that work for you. 


Sharpen Your Skills

The opportunity to work in many different settings helps you learn to adapt to new environments and technologies quickly, becoming adept at problem-solving and independent learning. This agility makes you a valuable asset in any healthcare setting. Not to mention, when you increase mental flexibility and problem-solving skills, you’ll be taking that into all situations— it keeps you sharp and ready to tackle any challenge, whether in your career or personal life. 


Build a Strong Network

A strong professional network is priceless. By working CT tech assignments in various settings and cities, you have more chances to connect with a diverse range of colleagues and healthcare professionals across different regions. This network can be a valuable resource for career advice, mentorship, and potential future job opportunities.  


Keep in mind:

  • Travel and frequent relocation can be demanding. Ensure you have a strong support system and are comfortable adapting to new environments. 
  • Licensing requirements may vary by state. Your recruiter can help you research and obtain necessary licenses before accepting assignments in new locations. 



If you're a CT tech seeking adventure, professional growth, and financial rewards, travel and contract work offer an exciting and fulfilling career path. Weigh the pros and cons, do your research, lean on your agency, and embark on a journey that expands your horizons, both personally and professionally. 


From PA to WI to TX, earn up to $3,051/week with CT tech jobs across the country! 

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