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Unveiling the Ultimate Epic Expert: Human or AI?

June 20, 2024


Tony Caponi, Vice President of GHR's IT Staffing Division, quizzes Terri Couts, Chief Digital Officer at the Guthrie Clinic, on her knowledge of the healthcare software platform, Epic. In an exciting twist, Tony also asks ChatGPT the same questions. Their conversation touches on Epic's history, achievements, and technological modules. Join us as we delve into the dynamic realm of healthcare IT and the evolving roles of human expertise and artificial intelligence.

Terri Couts and ChatGPT engaged in a thrilling trivia challenge about Epic Systems, tackling questions on its founding, key clients, modules, and certifications. The score seesawed back and forth as both demonstrated impressive knowledge, but Terri's expertise ultimately clinched the victory. Curious to see how it all shakes out? Watch the video to find out who truly knows Epic best!

While ChatGPT knows quite a bit about Epic, Terri Couts knows just a bit more.

As Terri, Tony, and ChatGPT navigated through questions about Epic's history, achievements, and technological modules, the dialogue revealed fascinating insights into the evolving relationship between human knowledge and AI capabilities. With each exchange, the interplay between traditional expertise and emerging technology became more apparent, highlighting both the strengths and limitations of each. As we reflect on the discussions shared, we are reminded of the importance of human insight and expertise in AI advancement to drive innovation and enhance patient care.




Terri Couts, RN-BC, MHA

SVP and Chief Digital Officer | The Guthrie Clinic

Terri Couts, RN-BC, MHA is SVP and Chief Digital Officer at The Guthrie Clinic, where she leads technological initiatives to improve hospital systems. With over 20 years of healthcare experience, beginning her career as a nurse, Terri remains dedicated to nursing excellence and advocating for compassionate patient care, driving positive change in healthcare delivery.


Anthony Caponi

VP of Healthcare IT | GHR Healthcare

Tony Caponi is the VP of GHR's Healthcare IT Division, managing strategic client partnerships and developing customized recruitment strategies. With a distinguished career spanning over 20 years in healthcare recruiting, Tony has honed his expertise in precision job matching. His commitment to excellence underscores his dedication to enhancing healthcare through thoughtful recruitment practices and impactful client relationships.

Q1 – When was Epic founded?

  • Terri Couts: In the 1970s.
  • ChatGPT: 1979.

Tony: OK, you got 1970s. I’ll say that’s correct.


TIE Score:




Q2 – What Epic client put them on the map?

  • Terri Couts: Kaiser Permanente.
  • ChatGPT: Kaiser Permanente.

Tony: Wow, yes, it was Kaiser Permanente. They secured a deal in 2003, and according to my research, it was a $1.8 billion deal with Kaiser.


TIE Score:




Q3 – What was the first Epic module released?

  • Terri Couts: Ambulatory.
  • ChatGPT: A software for managing patient registration and billing.

Terri: Yeah, I think it is billing.



Score: 3-2, ChatGPT



Q4 – How Many of CHIME’s “Most Wired” Level 10 use Epic?

  • Terri Couts: I would say 6.
  • ChatGPT: All 18.

Tony: ChatGPT says that in 2022, all of the 18 health systems that achieved Level 10 on CHIME’s “Most Wired” list use Epic as their EMR system, but on Epic’s website, they say 9 out of 10.

Terri: I don’t think there’s that many achievements.


TIE Score:

4-3, ChatGPT



Q5 – How many Level 10 Epic “Gold Star” organizations are there in the US?

  • Terri Couts: I think there are 18.
  • ChatGPT: 15.

Tony: ChatGPT says 15, and honestly, I couldn’t find the answer anywhere myself, so it could be 15, it could be 18. But, I ask the question because I want to highlight that the Guthrie Clinic is a Level 10 “Gold Star” organization.

Terri: Yes, 4 years in a row. Do you know how many organizations achieve that?

Tony: I would say the one and only, the Guthrie Clinic.

Terri: No, I think there are 5 that have achieved consecutive 4 years in a row.

Tony: Excellent, congratulations.

Terri: Thank you.


TIE Score:

5-4 ChatGPT



Q6 – Out of the US News and World Report Top 20 Hospitals, how many use Epic?

  • Terri Couts: 20.
  • ChatGPT: 20.


TIE Score:

6-5 ChatGPT



Q7 – What percentage of HIMSS Stage 7 organizations use Epic?

Tony: I’ll take a range on this.

  • Terri Couts: I’d say 90-100%.
  • ChatGPT: 82%.



Score: 7-5 ChatGPT



Q8 – How many certifications are there in Epic Ambulatory?

Terri: So, I think that could be tricky.

Tony: It is tricky.

Terri: There's Epicare, Ambulatory, Healthy Planet, Wisdom, Orders Transmittal, Dorothy/Comfort. So that's what, 6?

  • Terri Couts: I will say 6.

Tony: Ok. So, ChatGPT listed Clin Doc for some reason.

Terri: That’s not ambulatory.

Tony: I’m aware of that; this is where they start to differ quite a bit.

  • ChatGPT: Ambulatory Clin Doc, Ambulatory Orders, Pop Health Management, and My Chart.

Tony: So, I came up with My Chart, Kaleidoscope, Care Everywhere, Healthy Planet, Welcome, Wisdom, Home Health, Bones, Compass Rose, Haiku, Dorothy/Comfort, Happy Together, Lumens, Phoenix, Tapestry, Beacon, Dermatology, and Willow-Ambulatory.

Terri: Welcome is Rev Cycle. Compass Rose is Case Management, that’s patient care. Tapestry is a health plan. But I think all those others are correct.



Score: 7-6 ChatGPT



Q9 – What are the Inpatient Modules?

  • Terri Couts: So, you have Case Management, you have Orders. So, Aftercare, Orders, Clin Doc, ASAP. You have the Periop. So, OR, Anesthesia, Willow. So, if you chose My Chart, My Chart, Bedside, Stork. You can divide out the ICU if you want, an Epicare monitor, there's a couple of smaller ones.

Tony: Yeah, I didn't get into the smaller ones.

Terri: OK, that's what I have.

  • ChatGPT: ASAP, Stork, OpTime, Anesthesia, Beacon, Willow, Cupid, and Radiant.

Terri: You can't use Beacon on both sides.

Tony: I wouldn’t count Cupid or Radiant either.

Terri: They’re hospital outpatient departments.



Score: 7-7 Tie



Q10 – What are the ancillary applications?

  • Terri Couts: Cupid and Radiant, Beacon, and Beaker. You could also consider Willow ancillary.

  • Tony: Sometimes, the ancillary managers and directors that we connect with also list OpTime Anesthesia.

  • Terri: I don't know, I guess you could. I classify that as inpatient. Even though you can have outpatient surgery, you're still admitted into the OR.

  • ChatGPT: Ambulatory, Cadence, Epic Inpatient, Willow, Beacon, Stork, OpTime, Cupid, Kaleidoscope, and Radiant.

Terri: Stork is definitely inpatient. That’s not ancillary. And you know ambulatory is not.

Tony: The funny part is it had more ancillary modules listed than ambulatory.

Terri: That’s why you have to fact-check!

Tony: The founder of ChatGPT said that ChatGPT 4, which is what we used for this interview, is the dumbest AI that it'll ever be. It's only going to get better and better. So, the next release will be smarter.

Terri: Sure, even your questions feed into it. It’s taking all of that data in, which is why it’s a risk for healthcare organizations.





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