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Mastering the Candidate Experience Through the Recruitment Process

April 4, 2024

Meet the Author:


David Friedman

Senior Recruitment Manager at GHR Healthcare


As a seasoned professional in the healthcare recruiting industry, I have seen it all. I am a Senior Recruiting Manager at GHR Healthcare with over 10 years of experience, and I am passionate about helping others navigate the unique challenges and opportunities in the healthcare landscape. I would like to share some of what I have learned about the value of maximizing the candidate's experience throughout the recruitment process.


The Importance of Emphasizing the Candidate Experience

“The Candidate Experience” refers to the overall perception and journey that individuals participate in during a company’s recruitment process. This experience encompasses every interaction, from the initial job search to the final hiring decision and beyond.  


Today we will focus on how this comes into play during the recruitment process and tips to help candidates feel supported and engaged from the first touchpoint.  


A key factor in my personal success has been to provide candidates with an “Exceptional Candidate Experience.” At GHR Healthcare, we work very hard at providing candidates with professional guidance as they navigate the entire application, interviewing and onboarding processes. It is very important to start all relationships with transparency and good communication. It's also essential to set realistic expectations for the candidates. I find that this establishes the ground rules for the effective management of the entire hiring process, reduces stress, and promotes better results for all.  


This practice has helped me develop long-term relationships with candidates and hiring authorities. Good communication practices and skills, efficient updates, and honest feedback are crucial to creating a good experience. I invest myself in the process of every search I am involved in, and I believe my candidates know that I truly care about the outcomes. 

Hello, my name is Bessie Martin-Jackson, and I have worked in the medical field for over 31 years, and as an NP for 7 years. While seeking a new opportunity, I had the privilege to meet David Friedman. From the moment I first spoke to him, he was attentive, an impressive listener, possessed excellent communication skills and was very professional. He recognized the big heart that I possess as a caring, empathic, and detail-oriented clinician. David helped me with my job search and coordinated the interview with a prospective company. The company hired me as a full-time field NP. David was a blessing to me! Thank you so much, David! You are awesome!


Bessie Martin-Jackson


The Impact of Technology on the Candidate Experience

The advent of many advancements in technology has changed the hiring landscape for candidates and hiring authorities alike. Although these changes now provide job seekers with more avenues to explore career opportunities, it can be overwhelming for many candidates to navigate this process on their own.


With countless job boards, search engines, and company career pages, candidates are often inundated with too many options and too much information. Without professional guidance, the often lengthy and difficult recruitment and or application process, is frequently avoided by top talent, especially when they are currently employed and passively looking at career options. Because of this, recruitment professionals and hiring authorities in the industry have needed to adapt their recruitment strategies accordingly.


If clients and candidates form strategic relationships with stellar recruitment/staffing firms such as GHR, the entire process is more efficient, positive, and most importantly, much more successful for all. Good recruiters will balance the needs of both the clients and the candidates, to create a win/win for both. For clients, developing strategic relationships with good recruiters, writing job descriptions with accurate requirements, designing easier and faster application processes, and making data-driven decisions help to attract the best candidates for your roles. When candidates work with recruiters who provide an “Exceptional Candidate Experience,” they receive honest and constructive feedback and encouragement, which often leads to them accepting the right job with the right company for them.


Here are 5 key tips for cultivating an exceptional candidate experience through the recruitment process:


1. Ensure Job Postings are Attracting the Right Candidates 

It is essential that recruiters and hiring authorities create compelling job descriptions with specific opportunities and make them easily discoverable for job seekers. I have found that the job postings must accurately reflect the role being advertised as well as the company culture. When clients efficiently communicate their specific requirements for roles, it is easier to narrow down qualified candidates. It is important for clients to view GHR Healthcare as a hiring extension of their company, making sure we understand their core culture, company goals, and specific needs when we are conducting job searches to fill their needs. Creating this “partnership” with our clients increases the odds of us finding top talent for specific roles that will meet and exceed our clients’ needs.


2. Showcase Your Company Culture

Employer branding is also crucial in attracting top talent to join your organization. Utilizing employee testimonials, and sharing your company’s culture, core values, and objectives in a transparent manner, will attract like-minded candidates who will want to become a part of your company. In my experience, many very talented candidates are interested in knowing about the culture of a company, sometimes even more than what the job pays. We all want to be happy at work and feel like we fit into our organization. Therefore, sharing this type of information with GHR Healthcare professionals, allows us to use this information to create excitement about your company’s job opportunities.


3. Keep the Process as Easy and Candidate-Centric as Possible

A lengthy and complicated application process may deter potential candidates. AT GHR Healthcare, we play a significant role in helping candidates navigate the entire application, interviewing, and onboarding processes, even when they are complicated or lengthy. Our internal processes have many benefits for both candidates and employers. Candidates who experience a positive process, are more likely to think and speak highly about their experience, which bolsters the company’s reputation. When the process is efficient and positive, candidates are more likely to accept job offers, which reduces overall recruitment costs and time-to-fill. Employees who have had an exceptional candidate experience are much more likely to stay in their positions, reducing turnover and improving retention.


4. Maintain Strong Communication

Strong communication, efficient updates, and honest feedback are crucial in creating a positive experience. Another important practice for an Exceptional Candidate Experience includes keeping prospective candidates informed and engaged throughout the hiring process. At GHR Healthcare, we start all relationships by setting realistic expectations on the first communication. I find that this establishes the ground rules for effective management of the entire hiring process. This practice has helped me to develop long-term relationships with both candidates and hiring authorities.


5. Make Data-Driven Decisions

Analyzing recruitment data is key to optimizing the hiring process. GHR Healthcare utilizes robust analytic tools to provide insights into the performance of specific job postings, applicant demographics, and other valuable metrics. Using this data, we can help our clients make data-driven staffing decisions. Our use of both proprietary analytic tools, and our utilization of many online professional platforms, aids us in offering our help to both candidates and employers. This data can also help employers understand what leads candidates to discontinue a specific application process as well as why inaccurate job descriptions may attract candidates who are either not qualified for the position or who would not be a good fit in the company. Our professional services aim to help create improvements and create more efficiency for all.


The Benefits of Providing an Exceptional Candidate Experience

Providing a seamless and transparent hiring process is key to attracting both active and passive job seekers. At GHR, our process offers numerous benefits for candidates and employers alike. We are dedicated to achieving positive outcomes and ensuring the right candidate is matched with the right job. This approach yields long-term benefits for candidates, employers, and recruiters alike.


My relationships span a diverse range of candidates who have followed different career paths. Some have flourished within companies, advancing internally, while others have thrived in contract roles, honing their skills through varied experiences. These relationships have also resulted in numerous referrals.


Finding the right job for the right candidate is very much my passion, and working the process correctly enhances my success.



In today’s competitive hiring market, providing an exceptional candidate experience is the best way to attract and retain top talent. At GHR Healthcare, we utilize many platforms and use many tools to streamline the hiring process. We work hard to enhance employer brands and build pipelines of qualified candidates for our clients. We genuinely believe that offering an exceptional candidate experience is paramount in positioning our clients for long-term success in the ever-evolving job market. I have learned that the most important aspect of my job is creating matches between candidates and employers. When I utilize the tools available to manage the application and hiring process, when I employ open and honest communication and expectations, and when I provide both candidates and employers with timely feedback, it leads to the greatest successes.



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