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To celebrate Nurses Week 2022, we sponsored a GHR Virtual Seminar, 'Journey Back To Joy," brought to you by keynote speaker and trainer Amanda Gore who has delivered talks in-person and virtually, invigorating audiences in countries around the world for over 20 years. Amanda Gore has been brought to stage by clients such as AORN, Google, and now by GHR. She is one of Healthcare's favorites. Enjoy a Journey Back to Joy in honor of Nurses Week

Journey Back to Joy!

Nurses are caregivers to the world, but who cares for our caregivers? Too often this overburdened group places their own well-being aside, giving all of their focus to those they serve. In this special virtual seminar, Amanda Gore will help nurses rediscover their personal and professional joy through practical advice, personal insights, and proven techniques. Sometimes humorous. Sometimes touching. Always meaningful.


Please enjoy and happy Nurses Week! 

Journey Back to Joy, Amanda Gore

Journey Back to Joy, Amanda Gore

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